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Beaded Knobs & Handles
Bev Moon

The instructions for the Circular Flat Peyote came out of Carol Wilcox-Wells' book Creative Beadweaving. I am using about 11 different shades of basically neutral colors of size 11 seed beads and by varying the combinations I should be able to come up with enough variations to keep me from getting too bored.

You'll notice in "A" I worked out a spiral design. I start out by working the flat spiral then working around the curve and "B" shows how you have to decrease and then increase again. I find that by picking and choosing fat and skinny beads I am able to work over the curves pretty easily. By the time I finish 35 of these I should be an expert in Circular Flat Peyote!

One tip here---I had a lot of trouble holding the circular piece when I started going around the edge so on the last one when I got to this point I used a glue stick and stuck it down on the knob and let it dry a little while and continued beading and this worked great. No slipping off this way.

The handles are three parts so that the middle wooden section can be worked around seperately. Handle "A" is worked using 8 colors, 3 repeats in one-drop Peyote and handle "B" is alternating one-drop and two-drop Peyote using 4 colors on the two-drop and a fifth color for all the one-drops. When I finished both of these I just twisted them around the wooden piece to give it a swirled look.

I hope I took good notes when I watched Mare's tape on the Gourd Stitch because this is the next technique I plan to try. I have about 35 of these to do also so if anybody has another technique I could try please let me know.

Knobs B and C and handle A have three coats of Minwax Polycrylic water base varnish on them. Knob A and handle B have not yet been coated.

I finally found some of the epoxy stuff you can coat things with or embed things in which I will try as soon as I can get a few more knobs and handles beaded. I have a feeling from reading the can that this may not work too well to brush on something shaped as it is basically supposed to be mixed and spread over a flat surface and will be much more smelly and takes two days to cure. Two things(resin and hardener) have to be mixed together and you have 15 minutes to get it brushed on.

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